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Over the past few month's, A Clean Footprint has received many requests from our clients to apply Anti-Static Treatments during our carpet cleaning services.
With winter approaching, those dreaded and unexpected static electricity shocks start occurring. In fact, some seem so harsh it's almost like placing your finger inside an AC outlet. These "static electricity zaps" are produced by heating systems drying out the air in our homes and offices and the humidity level dropping below 40 percent.
End the winter torture today and ask our certified personnel about our Anti-Static Treatment Specials!
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Below is a compiled list of postal zip codes that we service in the Dunaire area.
Dunaire Cleaning Services
A Clean Footprint now provides services in Dunaire, Georgia!

Over the last few months, our company has branched out its coverage area and is now offering its services in your community. With the offerings of carpet cleaning, office cleaning, tile cleaning, grout cleaning, warehouse cleaning, commercial cleaning and mattress cleaning services, we should have your cleaning service needs covered. We look forward hearing from you and we greatly appreciate the "open arms" welcome that so many have graced us with while working so far in the Dunaire area. Thank you and we look forward serving you!

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Dunaire Carpet Cleaning
Our highly skilled carpet cleaning teams will leave your location smelling fresh and clean year around. Protectants, deodorizing, and anti-static control treatments are available at your request.

carpet cleaning in Dunaire
Dunaire Tile Cleaning
We vow to restore your ceramic, VCT, terrazzo, linoleum and raised tile flooring to its original shine! Let us eliminate the nasty buildups and restore it to new again as it once was.

tile cleaning in Dunaire
Dunaire Commercial Cleaning
In need of a commercial cleaner at your facility? Let us step in and take the commercial cleaning services needed off your hands to relieve the stress. Let us concentrate on the cleaning hassles so you can concentrate on the money!

commercial cleaning in Dunaire
Dunaire Mattress Cleaning
Get rid of the dust mites and where they hide forever. With our equipment, we can easily destroy their homes in your pillows and mattress to restore your sleep each night.

mattress cleaning in Dunaire
Dunaire Office Cleaning
We can easily eliminate the office cleaning tasks with just a phone call! We will gladly come out and get you a free estimate and taken the burdens off your hands as soon as you possible.

office cleaning in Dunaire
Dunaire Grout Cleaning
Are those grout lines looking pretty disgusting? If so, nows the time to eliminate the dirt, grime, grease and the other bacteria contaminents in your grout lines before its too late ... Give us a call today!

grout cleaning in Dunaire
Dunaire Warehouse Cleaning
Warehouse cleaning is a service most companies need on a regular basis to ensure safety and comply with regulations. We will gladly visit your warehouse location and prepare you a custom cleaning quote for your company. Get your free estimate today!

warehouse cleaning in Dunaire
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